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WhatsApp Guy
21st October 2017 – 6.14pm
London, United Kingdom


What the hell is this website all about?

That’s the first question. You must be asking yourself. Right?

Well, I like most marketers got into the shiny object syndrome of following the dream plan and becoming a millionaire at an very early age.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. When I dabbled into online marketing, mobile marketing, and then now, WhatsApp marketing.

I have been into WhatsApp marketing space since more then 5+ years now. And have been able to test, experiment, and face most of the challenges that you can probably imagine while trying my hands into WhatsApp marketing.

I created this website with a very simple mission:

To help fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, and wanna be WhatsApp marketers. To become an expert and be the very best at it. And then continue creating a tribe of smart, intelligent and strategic WhatsApp ninjas who will go out into the world and do good with the skills attained via this website.

And that’s whats keeping me motivated to continue sharing my stories, my experiments, my failures, and my learnings in WhatsApp marketing since dinosaur age in the internet years.


Unlike, most other marketers who are selling WhatsApp marketing products such as scripts, tools, panels, software, and huppla jhupla new shenanigans that are invented on a regular basis. And unlike other WhatsApp marketing companies, agencies, vendors, and service providers selling all kinds of WhatsApp marketing services, credits and packages. And unlike other people who are selling WhatsApp channels, along with reseller plans for most of the people to get into WhatsApp Marketing.


That’s because I have made myself a millionaire myself during the process. And let me tell you one simple thing!

I made all of money. Not by selling WhatsApp Marketing products & services. I made all this money by working on my own business, minding my own business, and staying under the radar. And quietly minting money, by selling my own products and services in different market.

Using WhatsApp Marketing for MYSELF!

I don’t need to pitch you another shiny new product that has come in the marketplace. Because I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and nor do I care to be.

And that’s because I am happy operating my own business. And sending millions of those messages on WhatsApp for myself, my business, and my partners.

And this for us brings enough money, and gives me the freedom to do good in the world.

BUT, the actual reason why I created this website was…

I got frustrated. I got mad, and insane, trying hard, failing multiple times, and attempting to get started & thriving in WhatsApp marketing.

And I got hit, real hard. Not once, but multiple times.

I lost money. Multiple times. Using different tools, software, scripts, web panels.

I tried all kinds of service providers, and had my share of success with few vendors. And having massive failure in actual delivery from many providers.


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