How To Make Money With WhatsApp Marketing

November 6, 2017

A lot of people around my friend circle don’t know the real secret behind my success in WhatsApp marketing. And when someone comes to know that I have been doing WhatsApp marketing since couple of years. They always wonder how I do it, and what resources, tools, and technologies I use to do just that.

I didn’t talk about it much around many people most of the times. I realized at an early age in this industry, the more you speak up, the more competitors you will have for you. If someone finds out your trade secrets, they can replicate you as well. Isn’t it?

But, then something happened. One of my partner in one of the companies that I have (we are mainly into lead generation for one of the finest & biggest financial company in the UK) talked about an idea with me over the weekend while we were drunk on couple of beers.

He said that he had many people who will pay big dollars to have what I have as an expertise. Why don’t I start a mastermind group with bunch of these interested people. And share with them my secrets about making money via WhatsApp marketing. And show them real time, actionable, strategic & tactical steps to do just that.

I was reluctant at first. But, then he talked with me about my vision for helping entrepreneurs, marketers, and people who couldn’t do it right and have been losing enough money, time, energy, and efforts going the wrong directions.

That ring the bell for me. And I said, OK, let’s try it once.

After almost a month, I formed a group of 21 members who showed interest in joining my mastermind group for WhatsApp marketing.

Each person paid, 25,000GBP each (Yep, that’s British Pound, not dollars!)

I started with first having an underground conference for two straight days. Where I showed them all the right tools, resources, marketing strategies, and also case studies of some of the best performing offers, and markets that I was personally involved in. I showed all of them how starting from scratch I was able to bring in millions of dollars worth of revenues for my own companies, and companies that I partnered with on profit sharing basis. And how they can replicate doing the same in 50+ different markets which are still unexplored!

Out of those 21 people who were part of this beta testing batch. Exactly, 19 applied the things I taught them. Bought the tools, and invested their time, energy, and efforts. And since, I was paid handsomely for opening my mouth. I gave them access to privately consult with me on the way while they were applying all this knowledge. And count me in as an accountability partner.

Every one of those 19 active participants grew multiple six figure businesses of their own, or for the companies they worked with.

And that gave me a sense of achievement and also showed me that I was upto something.

I mean, there are so many people who right now are dabbling into the world of mobile ads, mobile marketing, paid advertisement, affiliate marketing, lead generation, and so many expensive means of reaching their right target segment of people. But, how many are able to do it, cheaply and effectively?


That’s because day by day. All these other mediums are become more expensive, and less responsive because of the competition that already exists.

But, with WhatsApp marketing.

The world is different.

Less Competition. More Response. Least Expense in the long run.

Of course, their will be gap for people who CAN invest. And who will INVEST. Into having the right solutions.

But, then. That stays around for almost every market.

One of mentors told me, “The one who is the best in the marketplace. Is the one who can buy all his customers. So, if you want to be the best. Then, have the most money to buy all the clients in your marketplace.”

That sticked around for me. And it changed my mindset. And I never thought second time. Before investing money into experimenting in any marketing medium.

I invested big dollars and pounds into any kind of solutions that I could get my hands on.

And most of the time. I had my sheer of failures, losses in revenue, and failed experiments too.

But, I sticked around to taste the success.

So, my advice to you when it comes to “How to make money with WhatsApp Marketing”

Stick around, and get the right solution. Pay for it. And look for the long term.

Want to know what’s my trade secrets? Well, I only share those resources and tools with people who are my subscribers.

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