Real Truth About Most WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers, Vendors, Agencies & Companies

List of WhatsApp Marketing Companies that actually deliver vs List of fake vendors in WhatsApp space updated 2017-2018

November 14, 2017

Like many of you. I myself found it a really hard process at the early stage of my WhatsApp marketing life, where I tried almost all kinds of software, scripts, tools, panels, and solutions that existed for WhatsApp marketing till date. I had to spend which now feel like gazillions of dollars into buying all these kinds of solutions which promised me bells and whistles but failed most of the time.

So, I got really frustrated through the entire process. And wanted to escape from this management of the latest updates, sourcing WhatsApp channels from different vendors, and then all these new WhatsApp changes that use to come from time to time.

Because at the end of the day. I use to lose not only just money during the entire process. But, also my time, energy, opportunity cost, and also my freaking brains out in the whole story.

So, I started seeking for reliable WhatsApp marketing service providers, vendors, marketing agencies, and companies that use to provide WhatsApp advertising campaigns as a service.

I started trying out almost most of the vendors who are selling WhatsApp marketing service online. And majority of them have been coming out to be just outright scammers, and con artists who provide you credit in exchange for your hard earned money. And when you start running your campaigns then the messages are not actually delivered.

So, I wanted to write this post and share my experience with some of the TOP so called WhatsApp marketing service providers who claim so much more and deliver so less. And at the end I will also tell you the best vendors whom I have found to be very honest and genuine in terms of ACTUALLY delivering on the promise and running authentic WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

But, before I list down all these vendors. I want to tell you one thing for sure.

Sometimes, due to recent updates by WhatsApp it’s 100% not possible for each of these companies to stay up to date. Immediately, because sometimes update brought by WhatsApp are hard to understand by these vendors and they have to keep themselves up to date in order to keep up with latest changes by WhatsApp.

I have used multiple vendors (And when I say multiple, that literally means. Majority of them which are well known, famous and have some recognition in the industry!)

The best part about the most trusted vendors off my list is this:

Whenever there has been any updates. The honest companies will always tell you that the service is momentarily unavailable. And they will make sure to keep you posted about it. And will either refund the credits when you start the campaign. Or will not run the campaign at the first place.

And that’s one of the qualities that you should definitely be looking for whenever you work with any WhatsApp marketing company which provides you WhatsApp marketing campaigns as a service.

Also, let’s talk about…

The Pros of using Bulk WhatsApp marketing service:

  • You don’t have to purchase any software, tools, scripts, panels or any kind of solutions. You don’t even have to worry about buying WhatsApp channels since you are not operating the campaigns on your own!
  • You don’t have to worry about channels getting blocked. It’s something the vendors keeps their margins so they can sustain running campaigns keeping some markup in between (which is justified for the price vs risk they face on their own terms)
  • You don’t have to worry about WhatsApp number filteration for active vs non active WhatsApp numbers. Because your vendor will do that for you.
  • You get genuine delivery report which can then be verified firstly by adding your own WhatsApp numbers into the list of sent campaigns. And also ask for delivery report from the vendor and check for yourself.

The Cons of using Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Vendors:

  • You can’t 100% rely on the delivery
  • Your database is not secure. The vendor can actually steal your database (because you provide them access!) and it can be sold to anyone including your competitors!
  • You don’t have control over your WhatsApp marketing campaigns
  • You can’t decide on the timeline of when the campaigns will be delivered (Because majority of them have a queue system which works on first come first serve basis)
  • You cannot be sure whether the reports which includes WhatsApp numbers is of the numbers which are actually delivered.
  • You can’t change your profile picture, WhatsApp channel status, and choose channels from your own native country (in most cases, that is!)

In short, what I feel is finding the perfect WhatsApp marketing service provider is like finding an ideal soul mate, or a business partner!

Because it’s that important. Your marketing life, or your client’s delivery is dependant on it. And you are at the same time expecting the relationship to work long term for both the parties.

Remember, how in a relationship we want the person to be honest, transparent and have clear communication? 🙂

It’s a similar case with a WhatsApp campaign provider too!

List of WhatsApp Marketing Companies, Agencies, Service Providers & Vendors

I have been compiling a list of honest service providers vs fake, scammers and con artists providing bull shit service in the WhatsApp space. So, if you are interested in this list of my most trusted vendors vs biggest scammers.

Signup below, with your name and email address. And you will receive the list in your email upon confirmation of your email.

P.S. I hope to save you 1000s of dollars, time, efforts and real money in your pocket right now. And I am in no ways going to get incentivised by any of these companies. I am just sharing my opinion with you. And you are free to try any other service upon your own decrition and try any of the providers on your own.

I am just sharing the list of vendors I have tried & tested and my personal experience with each one of them.

P.P.S. Keep checking this space later. Because I will keep this list up to date from time to time.

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