The State of WhatsApp Marketing

October 6, 2017

Hey guys,

This might be the first official blog post on this blog. And I want to get straight to the point.

I have been working in the direct response marketing industry since more then a decade now which includes direct mail marketing, then eventually SMS marketing and then as industries involved I got into mobile app marketing including WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp marketing alone I dabbled into it since more then 5 years now. Yep, 5 years. And during this course of time. I tried & tested mostly any kind of solution available online till date. Including software, tools, scripts, service providers, vendors, and all the shenanigans that have entered in the WhatsApp marketing space.

But, let me tell you something very straight.

I don’t sell WhatsApp marketing. Nope. I have my own marketing agency, and I have own several businesses (some self owned & some equity based partnerships). And this has been one of the different between all the people who sell WhatsApp as a service. And people who made lots and lots of money and became millionaire in WhatsApp marketing industry.

I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want you to reach me, call me, and talk to me one to one for consultation. I might do that in the future by releasing my own coaching program may be. But, not at the moment.

But then, you must be wondering. Why the fuck am I writing this post?

Well, one simple thing – LEGACY.

I want to change people’s life. I want to see more millionaires coming out of this industry. And I want to put a massive change into this industry where no one god damn opens their mouth honestly. And those who do say things honestly. They are down right marketers selling you their WhatsApp marketing software, products or services.

I am not here to do that. I am here to change the industry. By being bluntly honest, truthful, honest and share my insights that I have gained since past couple of years of my own tinkering in the world of WhatsApp marketing.

So, you want to know what’s been my journey? Stay tuned. I will cover that in my next blog post.

P.S. I would love to know your journey in WhatsApp marketing, too! Please share in the comment below. How you got started in WhatsApp marketing. Or else. Just say, I’m here!


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